Mindful Driver | Stress Free Driving Workshop
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How to create a stress free drive

( Now online )

Stress affects us all and driving can be a BIG trigger. Sometimes it can leave a bitter taste in our mouth, tainting the rest of our day.


However, it doesn’t have to.


Mindful Driving helps you re-frame how you look at your drive so you can let go of, move past, and even avoid stress completely. This helps you enjoy your time in the car and get on with your day.


This online workshop equips you with tried and tested tools and techniques inspired by mindfulness practices and concepts and adapted by a Grade A Approved Driving Instructor, to make them safe to perform while driving.

Mark Coleman – Mindful Driver Trainer

How would a stress free drive help?

Picture a drive you find stressful. It might be to work in rush hour, to the shops on the weekend or a bank holiday trip down south on busy motorways.


When stress comes up for you, what other feelings and emotions do you notice? Where does your mind go? What does your body do?


Only you can know the answers to these questions for yourself, but a common reaction to stress is to spiral into negative thoughts either about other people, yourself, the reality of a situation, or a combination of all three. These thoughts can cause the body to tense up and tighten, and after a while this can lead to aches and pains, including headaches, which, along with the negative thoughts that created them, can stay with us long after we get out of the car.


So who would you be without these negative thoughts?


Calm? Relaxed? Positive?


How would that affect not only your drive, but the rest of your day?

Thanks again for offering this course, it has had a very positive effect on my driving and life
Your drive can be a rewarding experience that sets you up at the start of your day, or helps you unwind at the end allowing you to enjoy your family's company when you get home
Your well being does not depend on situations outside the car, or even outside of yourself. You can create an environment within where you can stay peaceful regardless of what is happening outside
Mindful driving is not complex and can be practised by anyone, no matter their driving experience

Who is this training for?

If you drive, or even learning to drive, then this workshop can help you. Anyone can attend and will benefit from the practice of Mindful Driving.


Stress can take many forms and if you have noticed times when you’re driving and feeling angry, frustrated, worried, anxious or even scared, then come along and find out how you can move passed your stress. This workshop will change the way you experience driving for the better. It will help you remove negativity from your drive, replacing it with a positive and empowering outlook.


How does this workshop do that? By helping you focus on you, on the one thing you can actually control. This is the fastest and easiest way to change your situation.


If you want to experience a consistently enjoyable drive, where it doesn’t matter how busy the roads get or how angry and frustrated everyone else is, then this workshop is perfect for you. And for less than a tank of petrol, it is a cost effective way to achieve a calmer, more peaceful, healthier and happier you.

It would be valuable for every driver on the road to consider the things covered on this workshop

What do you get from this workshop?

3 hours of Mindful Driver Training, online with a small group of like minded individuals
The ability to quickly identify stress as it comes up while you drive before you get swept up by it. This is an important part, as identifying stress is the first step to moving passed it
A complete tool kit of techniques to pull from to help you deal with and defuse stressful situations as they arise
An introduction to the 'Value Centred Perspective'. Unique to this training, the VCP helps you re-frame how you look at your drive as a whole leading to less stress coming up in the first place. This will completely change your relationship with driving and stress and give you power over your experience of situations
A structured plan of action to help you implement what you have learnt on the workshop into your daily drive
Continued contact after the workshop to help you keep motivated and make Mindful Driving a habit you practice without even thinking about it
I found the course really useful. Mark obviously knows his stuff and I loved the informality of it and interaction of the group work 😊

Where, when and how much?

Until recently this workshop had been run in persons in a classroom setting, but due to the changes this year and introduction of social distancing it is now being run online via Zoom.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket I will send you an email with details about how to sign in on the day. You won’t need an account, just a computer ideally with a webcam. If you have any questions send me an email!

Next Workshops


Saturday 16th May 2020 (10:00-13:00)


Saturday 4th July 2020 (9:30-12:30)



T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S

“Mark has a great sense of what it is to drive mindfully, one that is based in respect and care for yourself and others. He has helped myself and the others on the workshop to have an awareness of how a healthier attitude to driving can make it a really enjoyable part of life, as well as an opportunity to learn and develop as a human being. ” – Maz

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience both of the day and the weeks following where I could put it all into practise. I’m definitely a calmer driver and have been enjoying driving a lot more. Mark’s course really gave me the tools to be a better driver and I wish everyone could do this course when they pass their test. The follow up activities helped me use what I had learnt and I loved being part of the day through all the interactions and conversations. I highly recommend this course to anyone, however long you’ve been driving.” – Debi

“Mark clearly knows his stuff! It was super useful to put mindfulness ideas into practical situations, especially as driving can be stressful and it’s difficult to know how to cope with it – thank you for giving me useful, constructive ways to deal with the stress of driving” – Sophie