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Driving can be stressful, but why?
What is it about driving that makes us feel stressed… Well, you may not like the answer, but it’s us, the driver that makes it stressful. To be more precise it’s how we LOOK at driving and how we THINK about it that cause that great sense of discomfort. But this is a good thing…
You see, if it’s down to the way you look at and think about driving then YOU are in the driving seat and YOU get to choose how YOU want to experience driving. This is what Mindful Driving is all about. It’s about taking back control and responsibility for how we want to think, feel and act in any situation. It keeps us calm, and calm drivers are safe drivers!

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Become a Mindful Driver and…

Increase confidence

to get back out on the road after a long break or to drive new places on your own

Stay calm, happy and healthy

through the use of some simple mindfulness inspired techniques, designed by me, a DVSA Grade A Driving Instructor

Decrease stress

no matter what is going on around you.

Handle anything

by building a sense of trust in yourself and your own abilities.

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3 ways to learn mindful driving
Online Group Courses
This method of training allows you to learn the mindfulness inspired techniques for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 training, as well as benefiting from being in a group environment.
1:1 Video Coaching Calls
If you’d like a more personalised level of support I offer online coaching calls to help you learn the mindfulness inspired techniques and move past your obstacles.
1:1 In Car Training
I’m based in and around Bristol, so if you’re near by and want that extra support becoming a mindful driver then we can organise in car training.
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Iā€™m definitely a calmer driver and have been enjoying driving a lot more
- Debi C