Mindful Driver | Our Why
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Our ‘Why’

Driving us forward

It is our mission

to take the stress out of driving

helping our clients be safer and healthier behind the wheel

Stress is one of those emotions that has a tipping point.

To start with stress can actually be helpful, pushing us to learn and grow.

However, too much stress overwhelms us, it envelopes us, we become someone different, reacting to people and situations in ways we wouldn’t normally, and quite often we hurt ourselves in the process (physical, mentally or emotionally).

This kind of excessive stress might stem from the act of driving itself or elsewhere in our lives, like tight deadlines, problems at home or with money, and then manifest while driving. Wherever it comes from, it is not helpful when out on the road, or anywhere for that matter!

The ‘VCP’ System

In order to remove this stress we have blended traditional driver training with mindfulness, creating a driving style which benefits the client in far reaching ways. This blended concept has been developed into the ‘Value Centred Perspective’.

This system helps to explain the choices we make and helps us question how we want to view the Self, Others and our Reality. Through a greater understanding of these three key principles we are then in a better position to CHOOSE our response to situations based on our own set of core Values.

Our Statement of Intent

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our clients through the understanding and application of ‘mindful driving’, and with consistent practice the benefits will stretch far beyond driving, promoting a ‘less stress’ approach to life as a whole.