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It’s perfectly natural to feel nervous!
Learning to drive fills people with all sorts of feelings. Unfortunately, all too often these feelings are negative and can result in an experience that is less than desirable! BUT, this is perfectly natural and normal and there is a way to drop those negative feelings and make way for a positive experience!

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Mindfulness can help
Mindfulness has been proven to reduce negative emotions, such as stress, fear and anxiety, in all walks of life, so why not when you’re learning to drive? Through the application of some simple mindfulness inspired techniques you can build confidence and feel more ready for your driving test.
In fact, here’s what happen with some previous Mindful Driver clients who, after practising these mindfulness inspired techniques for 4 to 5 weeks, experienced the following improvements in their driving…

Fear of driving in heavy traffic dropped by0%

Finding driving difficult came down0%

Finding driving stressful dropped0%

And in one case, anxiety dropped by0%

3 ways you can learn mindful driving
Becoming a mindful learner driver is a great way to improve your chances of passing the driving test first time. When we’re not feeling confident all sorts of thoughts can pop into our head that distract us from driving. Calming the busy mind can improve confidence.
Online Group Courses
This method of training allows you to learn the mindfulness inspired techniques for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 training, as well as benefiting from being in a group environment.
1:1 Video Coaching Calls
If you’d like a more personalised level of support I offer online coaching calls to help you learn the mindfulness inspired techniques and move past your obstacles.
1:1 In Car Training
I’m based in and around Bristol, so if you’re near by and want that extra support becoming a mindful driver then we can organise in car training.
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