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I offer half-day workshops and in car training teaching people how to become a mindful driver.

Whichever way you learn best, I will give you what you need to become a safer and more present driver.

Half-day Workshops

Workshops are a great way to learn about Mindful Driving. The interactions that naturally come from working in a group of like minded people are invaluable and help to bring about deeper insights and understanding of the material.


In the space of just one morning we will go through enough to keep you busy for weeks, but without feeling overwhelmed. You will leave the workshop with a plan to implement the techniques and concepts we discuss into your daily drive in a simple, easy to follow way. I will also check in with you by email at regular intervals over the weeks that follow to see how you’re getting on and help if you’re getting stuck.


My goal with these workshops is to help you achieve your goal. Whatever your aim is with attending one of my workshops we will work together to get you there.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me here

``I thoroughly enjoyed the experience both of the day and the weeks following where I could put it all into practise. I’m definitely a calmer driver and have been enjoying driving a lot more``
- Debi C


How to create a stress free drive:

Leading to a healthier, happier you

Saturday 16th May 2020
Saturday 4th July 2020

A workshop aimed at helping you change the way you view driving in stressful situations so you can quickly and effectively let go of the stress, not only helping you during your drive but positively influencing the rest of your day.

In Car Training

With in car support you will get a personalise training programme to suit your individual needs, whatever they might be.


If you find it stressful, possibly even terrifying, to drive on the motorway, in the city or just in general, we will structure your training to move you past those particular difficulties. In the process, the skills you learn will transfer across all areas of your drive, improving your overall enjoyment of the act of driving and being on the road.


I will introduce you to the Value Centred Perspective and other Mindful Driver techniques and concepts, building a tool kit you can pull from and apply to your drive whenever you need to.


To arrange a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your wants and needs send me an email


We will start and finish this journey together

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