Mindful Driver | About
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Hello, I’m Mark

(aka, a Mindful Driver)

I’ve been practising mindfulness for many years and have experienced noticeable shifts in the way I think, feel and act as a result. I am grateful to be able to blend what I have learnt over this time into my experience as a driver trainer. After building a successful driving school and helping my clients attain their driving licence my aim with Mindful Driver is to help qualified drivers, as well as learners, develop their awareness, understanding and skills, so that they can drive in a way that promotes love, moving away from fear or anger on the road.


Mindful Driver was developed over a number of years, pulling from different teachers and authors as well as my own insights and observations, and has resulted in the creation of something I call the ‘Value Centred Perspective’ (VCP). This tool helps explain the choices we make, making us question how we want to view ourselves, other people and the world around us. Through a greater understanding of these three key areas we are then in a better position to CHOOSE our response to situations based on a set of core principles or values. In the workshops and one-to-one training I help my clients realise these values so that they can actualise the type of driving style that benefits them and the people around them.


I am passionate about helping my clients drive safely, while feeling calm, positive and in control. I believe mindful driving doesn’t just make our roads safer, it can transform driving into something that helps us understand ourselves and the world around us. In turn, this can create a greater sense of well-being, both in and out of the car. I find it massively rewarding when I help my clients achieve a more peaceful and enjoyable drive, because I know that this will help them drive with confidence and influence them in far reaching ways.


Learning, for me, is a never ending process. When I look back at my life at the times when I felt stagnant it always coincided with periods when I wasn’t learning and growing. Knowing this now I am committed to pushing myself further and always developing my own knowledge and understanding. This is one of the reasons I love giving workshops and training so much. Even though my clients have come to me to learn and grow themselves, I do so too. Through the sharing of the course and the discussions that organically happen in group, I learn so much more and gain greater insights and perspectives into the VCP and Mindful Driver. For this I am very grateful to my clients, and cherish our journey together.